Networking Session #9

Oslo, NorwaySeptember 14th, 2022

Do you want to participate? Apply or nominate a Norwegian songwriter or producer, who identifies as a woman, no later than September 8th at midnight.

In March 2022, Equalizer became part of Spotify’s global venture, EQUAL. The program continues to highlight and create activities aimed at empowering and supporting female artists, songwriters and producers, both locally and internationally. Read more about previous and upcoming activities here.


The setup for the event is for 5-6 industry professionals to meet with 5-6 upcoming female songwriter/producer talents in a relaxed and informal setting, to be able to connect, share experiences and learn from each other without any commitments. Max Martin, Katy Perry, Julie Bergan, Kygo, Noonie Bao, Zara Larsson, Ina Wroldsen and Daniel Ek are just some of the experienced music creators and industry figures who have attended our networking meetings since its inception in 2017.


Now we are looking for promising artists, songwriters and producers who have recently started their journey in the music industry and want tips and advice from people with a long and solid experience in the music industry. The dinner will take place in central Oslo, Norway.


You must be 18 years of age to apply to attend the dinner.


Attendees includes:

– Anna of the North, artist and songwriter

– Dagny, artist and songwriter

– Eva Weel Skram, artist and songwriter

– Fay Wildhagen, artist and songwriter

– Maria Bringsjord, A&R/Promotion MTG Music

– Jenny Thyhaug, Editor at Spotify

– Emma Vikström, Editor at Spotify (SE)

– Fumi Amao, Artist & Label Partnerships Manager at Spotify (SE)

– Sira Berry, Editor and Global Programs Manager at Spotify (DK)


NOTE! The nomination must contain:

  1. Brief description of the person (max. 1000 characters)
  2. Short justification for nomination (max. 1000 characters)

Link to at least one song that the person has written and/or produced (e.g. Spotify or Soundcloud)

Only fully finished applications are taken into consideration.

Important dates:

  • Thursday 8th September: Deadline to nominate talent at midnight
  • Friday 9th September: Five selected talents are announced and contacted by Spotify (participation must be confirmed on the same day before midnight)
  • Wednesday 14th September: Network meeting + dinner in central Oslo. The networking meeting starts around 5 p.m. Spotify covers all costs except travel and accommodation.

Interested in applying?

Unfortunately, the application is closed for this event. 
Please check our event page to see all available activities.

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Who is included within women?

Our definition of women recognizes all women. All people who identify as women. All trans women. Always.

Who has been involved in EQUAL to date?

Since our launch in 2017, Equalizer has involved more than 100 songwriters, producers and industry professionals in networking sessions, the podcast, producer camps and more. We’ve had the privilege of welcoming some of the world’s greatest writers and producers on board, including Noonie Bao, Veronica Maggio, Katy Perry, Max Martin, Shellback, Kygo, Mabel, Linnea Henriksson and many, many more.

Since the EQUAL launch in 2021, Spotify has shined a spotlight on over 400 ambassadors in 184 markets, adding up to 13 million hours of listening of female artists, songwriters and producers through 35 playlists. As we reflect on EQUAL’s first year, we know there’s more work to be done and Spotify is committed to fostering equity in the music industry and beyond.

How can I get involved?

If you are a female or non-binary songwriter or producer, you can apply to upcoming events on the event page. For any other inquiries, reach out to us at

Who can apply for the activities?

EQUAL is focused on giving female and non-binary songwriters and music producers support in their careers. However, we welcome all genders to join the journey towards equality, and invite facilitators, guest speakers and/or guests to our activities – no matter their gender.

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